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Our Designers Make The Difference

Our team of highly experienced designers can transform the ideas in your head into reality.  With over 20 years experience in Design & Landscaping we can create traditional or modern designs to suit every budget.


Craig Holland

Craig is very much a lover of outdoor spaces and has been so since a very young age.

He attended Strathclyde University to further his passion of garden design and got a degree in Landscape Management and Horticulture.

His designs are very much of the “Contemporary” vibe with cutting edge ideas and sharp clean lines.  The more Simple but Modern look.

David Gemmel

David came to Briarlea from an installation background having been a Landscape installer himself since leaving school and was also an installer for Briarlea for a long period of time.
David decided to pursue his love for landscaping and has now been designing for Briarlea for the last 8 years.
David likes to give our customers designs which compliment the quality and character of your space and budget requirements and can design pretty much anything that is asked of him.

Andrew Cummings

Andrew is the director of Briarlea and has a number of landscape credentials in his bag. He set the business up 20 plus years ago as a young boy who had a love for plants and design. From a one man van, Andrew has built up the brand that you love and know as Briarlea through sheer hardwork and attention to detail that makes Briarlea the leading Domestic Landscape Business there is on the market today.

Andrew prides himself in his designs and would be best to say he is more the “Traditional” designer. He prefers to simplify designs which in turn are sympathetic to their surroundings.

Complete Peace Of Mind

When you have work done on your outdoor space, it isn’t only the products that you use that need to be of a high standard – but the workmen you trust with completing the job.

When you invest in your home or garden, you choose the best materials you can afford (within budget) to bring your dreams to life. Having made all this effort to select the look and finish you want, isn’t it vital that the people you choose to complete work for you should be of an equally high standard? Untrustworthy ‘cowboy’ workmen are a reality within our industry and can cause significant stress, by making promises they can’t keep and delivering substandard, disappointing work.


Furthermore, issues with a patio installation may not present themselves for weeks or even months, by which time the cowboy has disappeared into the sunset with your hard earned cash.

Briarlea are proud to be members of the Marshalls Register of Accredited Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers which is a list of professional and certified workmen who are continuously  vetted and monitored to assure you of our competence and high standards of workmanship.

The high level of workmanship required means all those on the Register must prove themselves in terms of their costs, the guarantees they offer on work completed and their professional methods.

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