Everybody hates cutting the grass. And, judging by the look on their faces as I watched them from the kitchen window, my wife and her 74-year-old dad are no exception.

However, thanks to the boys at Briarlea Landscapes, my family can now have a well-deserved break.

Our brand new zero-maintenance lawn is terrific. The Fly-mo is already on eBay and the grounds man at Hampden Park is green with envy.

The guys who laid the artificial grass – and then transformed our little bit of front lawn into a slick driveway – were brilliant.

They actually started work on the same day as Hurricane Bawbag and, by the time they’d finished a first-class job without pausing for breath, well, we were blown away.

The driveway is immaculate – I now can’t wait to pass my driving test – and the amazing grass means we’ll now be able to really enjoy the three days of sunshine we might get this summer.

Thanks a lot to Andy and all the boys at Briarlea.